Vinyl crackle before Cedar Vinyl crackle after Cedar Choir before Retouch Choir after Retouch Strings before Retouch Strings after Retouch Vinyl crackle before Vinyl crackle after Choir 1 Before Retouch Choir 1 After Retouch Restoration Strings Before Retouch Strings After Retouch

We do a lot of release quality audio restoration, particularly for the Cherry Red Records Group and for Pressure Sounds, who specialise in reggae re-releases.  We can fix clicks, crackles, dropouts, hiss, stray noises and sometimes reduce distortion.

Using mostly Cedar hardware and software with our SADiE 6 mastering system the unlistenable can be made well again!

Source material can be vinyl at 33 and 45rpm (or 78 by arrangement), cassette, Minidisc or a digital file.

Vinyl is carefully cleaned on our Keith Monks record cleaner.

Audio Restoration £30.00 per hour .  We do not charge VAT.